How to Look Infinitely Chicer Each Spring Without Spending Any Money

It might be chilly and dark in the morning, but we find ourselves less enamoured with the thought of wearing sweatpants and hoodies—at least, not on a daily basis. So in an attempt to reignite our fashion fires, we've started thinking up all the ways we can start making our outfits feel more on-trend and spring-like and, in turn, more joyful. Of course, there's our big shakedown of spring/summer 2022’s trends you can mull over for high-fashion inspiration, but we're aware that, before such advanced outfit stages, a few practical, minor tweaks can be made so you feel up to speed. 

From the achievable level of leg exposure (we don't think anyone is ready for full thigh in this weather just yet—props to you if that’s the case) to the simple coat switch you can employ for instant warmer-weather power, we've worked out the nine easy moves you can make to shift into gear right now. Many of these swaps include pieces you'll have languishing at the back of your wardrobe. Just in case, I've added a few shopping options, but feel free to peruse your own rails for the easiest updates.

Keep reading to see what you should put on hold until next winter and what you should wear right now instead.

Store Away: Winter Hats

Start Wearing: Hair Accessories

What to wear in spring:  headbands instead of warm hats



Style Notes: Nothing says "new season" quite like a small accessorising update or two. Headbands replace warmer headgear as the fashion set's outfit topper of choice come spring, with velvet- and satin-padded styles proving to be the leaders of the pretty pack.

What to wear in spring: hair clips and barettes instead of warm hats



Style Notes: This year's statement earrings are basically hair clips—the more barrettes, the better.

What to wear in spring: mid length dresses with boots



Style Notes: If waving goodbye to 60 deniers seems daunting, take a two-step approach to ease in: A below-the-knee skirt or dress and some boots will still feel on the sensible side of spring. Of course, this look also works if you can’t bear to part with your hosiery just yet. 

What to wear in spring: mid length skirts with boots



Style Notes: Opt for a belted skirt and boots. This is a combination that can be easily tweaked well into the summer.

Style Notes: Wave buh-bye to feather-down outerwear (at least for some of your outings), and instantly upgrade any look into spring territory with the simple swap of a trench coat that's roomy enough to layer under. 

what to wear in spring: wear trenches instead of puffers



Style Notes: Sylvie Mus ensures her trench ensemble looks the epitome of chic by wearing it with black accessories. 

Store Away: Gloomy Colours

Start Wearing: Pastel Hues

What to wear in spring: bright head-to-toe colours like pistachio



Style Notes: One of the boldest spring moves you can make is to wear a single colour from head to toe. We were sceptical about pistachio to begin with, but this is rather beautiful. 

Style Notes: Often, pastels are easier to wear in print form. Case in point: Emma Rose Thatcher's rainbow midi. 

Store Away: Dark Jeans

Start Wearing: Ecru Denim

Style Notes: With khaki chinos and neutral denim taking up two important spots in the trouser-trend leader board this season, we urge you to put indigo jeans aside for a moment and try out something different, like a full-on ecru-and-camel look.

Style Notes: We love how Fia Hamelijnck gives her pastel-and-ecru get-up some edge with black leather footwear. 

Style Notes: If you've already consulted our biannual trend report, then you'll know second-skin tops are an essential purchase for 2022. Usually found in mesh or fine jersey, they can unlock potent new layering combinations, just like Imani Randolph has done here. 

What to wear in spring: mesh and layering tops instead of knitwear



Style Notes: Grece Ghanem has championed the second-skin top already this season. 

Store Away: Black Ankle Boots

Start Wearing: White Footwear

What to wear in spring: white shoes instead of black ankle boots



Style Notes: We love black ankle boots—we really do. But when you've been wearing them day in and day out, it's nice to know that some exhilarating options do exist in the footwear world. Swapping in fresh, white shoes and boots will instantly do the trick.

What to wear in spring: white shoes instead of black ankle boots



Style Notes: Wear them post-lockdown to any occasion. Trust us—white shoes will see you right.

Store Away: Heavy Leather

Start Wearing: Soft Suede

Style Notes: Bright hues loan themselves well to leather thanks to its muted finish, but there's nothing more timeless than tan or beige. 

Style Notes: If tan isn't your thing, make like Hanna Stefansson, and embrace bright hues. How cool are her turquoise suede trousers? 

Style Notes: Floral print will forever be a fashion mainstay, but the moody base colours that dominate it in the winter months often feel too harsh when you’re looking to brighten your attire. We have plenty of months of floral prints ahead, too, so why not pivot and reinstate polka dots into your daily wares? 

what to wear in spring: switch out dark floral print for polka dots



Style Notes: Polka dots are a huge trend for spring/summer, particularly when they're set against bold hues. 

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