It's Official: These 8 High-Street Stores Do the Best Jeans

As far as shopping experiences go, finding a great pair of jeans on the high street used to be tough (IRL or online, TBH). But over the past few years, there's been an influx of affordable styles, lengths and shapes that suit every body shape. It's no longer good enough that "cheap" jeans should feel cheap, so gone are the days of ill-fitting, saggy pairs made of fabric that quickly wears away.

Seeing as I only have one body (and different figures suit different jeans), I decided to put the question to our Facebook group So… Should I Buy This? on the jeans the members rate on the high street right now. There were some brands that were mentioned several times, and while I wouldn't say there were any surprises, it's clear that jeans have a lot of people talking, with over 40 people responding within minutes. 

All of the brands and pairs mentioned had a few things in common. First, they were all classic—no embellishments or gimmicks here. Mostly, they tended to be high-rise and straight-leg, although there were a few wide-leg and skinnies creeping in there too. Below, you'll see examples of influencers wearing the brands that are recommended by our readers and the styles that they love. Keep scrolling for the best high-street-jeans edit.


Style Notes: Did you know that Zara has a great selection of high-street jeans? Find a variety of colours and fits to suit your style. 


Style Notes: While Levi's Ribcage jeans were by far the most popular among our readers, there are plenty of options to choose from, including the iconic 501s

best high-street jeans: nicole ocran wearing marks and spencer jeans



Style Notes: Surprise but Marks and Spencer does some great jeans. Expect classic styles with denim that has a bit of stretch. There are also options for petite and long lengths. 


best high-street jeans: nell block wearing uniqlo jeans



Style Notes: The high street has really come a long way when it comes to affordable jeans. These from Uniqlo are easily some of my favourite straight-leg blue jeans. 

5. H&M

best high-street jeans: Jessica skye wearing h&m jeans



Style Notes: One reader described H&M jeans as "surprisingly good quality and fit." There is a range of great silhouettes, one of which you can see on Jessica Skye here. 


best high-street jeans: @basicstouch wearing arket jeans



Style Notes: Looking for chic, classic jeans? Arket is where to go. 


best high-street jeans: samio wearing weekday jeans



Style Notes: Weekday was one of the most popular destinations for jeans in 2021, according to Lyst's Year in Fashion report. And we can see why. 

Next up, the one high-street store I always buy basics from.

Opening Image: @symphonyofsilk

This post was originally published at an earlier date and has since been updated.

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